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CCNP SENSS 300-206 Course

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Cisco 300-206 is also known as Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security (SENSS). The certification test actually examines the knowledge on how configuration and implementation of security on the perimeters of Cisco network are carried out by a Network Security Engineer. The process of implementation and configuration is carried out on the edge of the devices like Cisco router, Cisco switch, and Cisco ASA firewall.

On the completion of the course, the students would be capable to implement and describe the module of the CCNP Security 300-206 course by Cisco SENSS. Along with this, they will also be able to describe and implement Cisco ASA Firewall VPNs, Layer 2 Security, Firewall Cisco ASA course, IOS Firewall Cisco Features, and many more.


The Cisco 300-206 certification course holds a great value when it comes to a professional career in the field of network security. Also, it is mandatory for the applicants for the exam to have the CCNA Security or any CCIE certificates before he/she applies for the post.

Topics of the 300-206 SENSS course

i) Threat Defense

ii) Cisco Secured CLI Management and Security Devices GUIs

iii) Management Services on Cisco Devices

iv) Troubleshooting Reporting and Monitoring Tools

v) Threat Defense Architectures

vi) Security Considerations and Components

The questions in the test mainly target at the technologies that have been used for providing security of any network with strength. The strength is based on the network perimeters like ASA Policy and Application inspect, Network Address Translation, Cisco routers based on zone firewall, and many more.

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