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CCNA Cyber Ops 210-250 SECFND Course

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CCNA-Cyber Ops

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Cisco 210-250 is the exam, which is mandatory for getting the CCNA Cyber Ops certification. The test is also important when one is willing to apply for the post of a Security Operations Center Security Analyst with an associate level. The course comes with a recommended training, which includes Implementing Cisco Cybersecurity Operations that comes with self-eLearning and Implementing Cisco Cybersecurity Operations where the training is provided by the instructor.

The course comes with minimal requirements, which makes it more adaptable to the students. For opting for this course, the individual must have a basic understanding of the networks, usage of the operating systems, along with the internet. The individual should also have the ability to install and download the software and also must have the passion for learning the course.

Objectives of the course

i) Identifying, describing, and comparing a variety of network concepts

ii) Describing and comparing fundamental security concepts

iii) Describing the security challenges and network applications

iv) Understanding the basics of the principles of cryptography

v) Understanding the attacks at the endpoint, that includes interpretation of identified events of Linux and Windows

vi) Developing knowledge in case of security monitoring

vii) TCP and IP fundamentals

The training for the exam comes in two different phases, namely SECFND and SECOPS. Just as the SECFND certification exam carries all the basic concepts related to the foundation, SECOPS is a certification test that allows the student to understand the concepts and principles of security operations. It also prepares the student for the growth of skills and knowledge while thinking to work with SOC.

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