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CCNA Cyber Ops 210-255 (SECOPS) Course

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CCNA-Cyber Ops

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This Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops course is one of the finest courses that can help you learn and obtain the advanced skills required for cybersecurity. You will know how to reach the associate level by passing two main exams. The test assists in improving the skills and knowledge required, which include handling the duties, tasks, and other responsibilities successfully.

Prerequisites for the course

# Knowledge and skills similar to those obtained by learning Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices

# Abilities learned for the understanding of Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals

# Working experience in terms of Windows operating system

# Hands-on experience with Cisco IOS concepts and networking

# The course comes with the following objectives

# Defining SOC and the related job roles in SOC

# Understanding SOC infrastructure systems and tools

# Learning basic incident analysis for SOC of threat-centric

# Exploring resources that are available for assisting with an investigation

# Explaining basic event normalization and correlation

# Describing the common attack vectors

# Learning identification of malicious activities

# Understanding the concepts of a playbook

# Describing and explaining an incident responding handbook

# Defining types of SOC metrics

# Understanding the SOC Workflow management system and automation

# Cisco Channel Partners


Exam topics

i) Computer Forensics and Endpoint Threat Analysis

ii) Incident Response

iii) Network Intrusion Analysis

iv) Incident Handling

v) Data and Event Analysis

This course is mostly appreciated by the people who like gaining practical skills in fighting against risks like Trojans, Malware, Tracker, hacker, online threats, and cybercrimes. Learning the course is well organized with a number of reference books, online websites, video learning, quizzes, puzzles, and etc. This also helps in preparing for the certification exams.

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