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Cisco Access Control Lists with NAT / PAT

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What you'll learn:

# Understand What Access Control Lists do for our networks

# Understand Access Control Lists Rules and Logic

# Understand how to configure Standard, Extended, and Named Access Control Lists

# Understand how to configure NAT / PAT


# Students should have a general understanding of Cisco iOS

# Students should have a general understanding of Routing and Switching

# Students should have a general understand how traffic communicates through a network

# Students should have an understanding of IPv4 subnetting


Welcome to the MOST COMPREHENSIVE Access Control List & NAT/PAT Course on Udemy!

Cisco Access Control Lists - Higher Level Education for a Complete Understanding

We specifically cover all topics relevant for understanding and implementing Access Control Lists on Cisco Devices. Since NAT/PAT utilize ACL's, we throw this topic in as well. Although this is indeed a higher level understanding course, for those of you at your CCNA level, the only reason ACL's are even covered is because of NAT and PAT. 

We will cover Standard ACL's, NAT/PAT, Extended ACL's and Named ACL's in this course. We will also discuss wildcard masks and take all the fundamentals you learn and apply them to LABS that we build together in CIsco Packet Tracer.

How YOU will LEARN!

Our Teacher is an industry professional with many years of experience. He began his teaching in classroom environments through various consulting positions he has held. Keith loves interacting with students to make the learning not only valuable to the student, but fun as well. Keith will joke around, impersonate random characters, but his teaching method has quickly become a favorite.

The course expects you to be engaged, taking notes and writing down information as he teaches it. Study the information he tells you is important for your exams!  You will also be required to have a LAB environment, being physical or virtual to practice all of the configurations with me!

Who this course is for:

i) Anyone looking to learn how to control and filter network traffic

ii) Anyone looking to learn Access Control Lists

iii) Anyone looking to learn Wildcard Masks

iv) Anyone looking to learn NAT / PAT

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