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HCNP RS: EXAM H12-222 Question Bank

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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to all HCNA/HCNP/HCIE LEVEL Written tracks/products services offered by 591Tech. You understand and accept that:


1. This is an ONLINE exam study product and you are responsible for ensuring constant internet connection to gain access.

2. Our remote servers offer 24/7 access for “study/review” of exam materials to intended buyers/examiners/test-takers ONLY while our ONLINE access is delivered over Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol aka RDP.

3. We do not share offline copies for download as PDF and/or VCE formats. You may NOT own a copy of our materials but may access our exam review materials and view such online via RDP.

4. We will give you access to our current exam review materials beginning from your date of purchase. We therefore advise that you begin your exam study preparation from date of purchase.

5. You may not terminate/cancel these services after receiving access credential details on your PayPal email account ID.

6. We do not have a return policy and offer no refunds.

7. You MAY NOT switch over to the OTHER WRITTEN review product tracks once purchase is made for ONE review material product.

8. This service has limited update support duration, and we advise that you appear for the exam within our support period prior to purchase.

9. We offer free support for examiners/test-takers who fail the exam using our ONLINE material until they pass with the provision that such users SUBMIT full “fail” score sheet as evidence.

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