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CCIE Rack Rentals

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591Tech offers rack rentals that support all of our self-paced and instructor-led CCIE product lines, including Routing & Switching, Data Center, Collaboration, Security, and Service Provider. In addition to 24-hour hardware support, 591Tech rack rentals come with simplified scheduling and advanced management control and utilize the same hardware and software used in the actual CCIE lab exams.

How many tokens do I need?

All rack tokens you purchase are placed into your account, and you then draw from those tokens to rent time as-needed. The exact number of tokens needed will vary depending on your individual training goals, current experience level, and the type of rack you are renting. In general, our instructors advise planning for about 350 - 450 hours of total rack practice time for a CCIE certification; about 200 - 300 hours for a CCNP certification; and about 100 - 150 hours for a CCNA certification.

The costs of our rack rentals are listed below, please note that the CCIE DC racks are rented in weekly installments:

CCIE Routing & Switching v5 
   (Tech Labs Topology) – 5 Tokens/Hour
   (Full-Scale Lab Topology) – 8 Tokens/Hour
CCIE Service Provider v4 – 8 Tokens/Hour
CCIE Collaboration – 8 Tokens/Hour
CCIE Security – 8 Tokens/Hour
CCIE Data Center – 850 Tokens/Week (Weekly rentals only)

How Does It Work?

All of our rack rentals are scheduled in 30-minute sessions* using our exclusive token system (min. session length is 1 hour). This system is designed to give you the flexibility to schedule and reschedule your own sessions at your convenience. When consecutive sessions are scheduled on the same rack, you'll get uninterrupted access for the entire duration of the sessions for an even better value.

To learn more, watch this step-by-step video on how to use our Rack Rentals.

Simplified Scheduling

To schedule your CCIE rack rental sessions, log in to your Members account, click Rack Rentals, and select the track for which you want to book a session. Select all the sessions you want, and then click Schedule Labs. It’s that easy! Our advanced scheduling system will schedule all your consecutive sessions on the same rack if they are available. You are also provided with tools that let you cancel or reschedule your rack sessions without having to contact Customer Support.

Advanced Management Control

The enhanced Rack Control Panel helps you get the most out of your rack rental sessions—you won’t waste time reloading devices, saving configurations, loading configurations, or troubleshooting hardware problems. Our Rack Control Panel offers the following features:

# GUI Remote Power Control: Powercycle devices with a single mouse click.

# Configuration capturing, archiving, and loading – Automatically save your configs and resume later.

# Initial configuration loading – Automatically load initial configs for supported INE products.

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