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CCNA Router & Switch Training Packages Starter Kit

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CCNA RS Package

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What you'll learn

Students will get good understanding on configuring routers and switches for ccna level exam. Additionally, they will find it easy to work in job while doing LAN WAN Configuration related assignments.

Students will get solid foundation on configuring network environment.


Since this course is mainly Lab bases so Students are expected to have good understanding of Theory related stuff.

Switching Labs have been performed on Real Switches while Routing have been done on GNS3. So, students are expected to either have GNS3 for Routing or buy Rack Rentals for these labs


This course has been designed for students who are studying CCNA for getting their certification in coming weeks. It is going to be a complete lab-based course with only 15 to 20% theory. You will get good understanding and solid foundation on topics which are part of CCNA certification.

I've seen many courses with lot of theory but less practical . There is no doubt that theory portion is important however, one must not forget that practical knowledge gets you good and bright career. As a network administrator, expectations will be to configure or troubleshoot devices which will be possible if you are good in hands on .

You should have prior understanding on Theory topics; however, I have tried my best to give you as much information as possible along covering labs.

Main Topics will be

1.  Access/Trunk Port Configuration

2.  Setting Encapsulation on Trunks

3.  Dynamic Trunk

4.  Routing on Stick Setup Lab

5.  VTP Configuration Lab

6.  STP and Root Bridge Election

7.  STP Root Port and Cost

8.  EtherChannel and Its Modes

9.  Port Security on Switchports

10. IP Addressing on Routers

11. Securing Router Access

12. Static Routing Lab

13. Floating Static Route Lab

Pending Labs will be added very soon. You will surely not be disappointed with this course. You can check some of the reviews and feedback people have given to my courses.

I assure you that you are at right course. If you are not happy, then apply for full refund in 30 days’ time as per Udemy Policies and guidelines.

Do watch free previews to make good understanding on how Instructor teaches. I am from India and my accent will be accordingly.

Who this course is for:

This course has been primarily designed for CCNA students who are going to take up their exams in coming months.

If you are already CCNA , then you can still use the information in course for your hands-on enhancement. It will act as a refresher training.

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