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Amit Sen
CCIE Routing & Switching #59458Today I am a CCIE Routing & Switching #59458 and I could not have done it without the material and instructors at Internetwork Expert. I walked in to the lab exam confidently and can honestly say that the 591Tech material left me well prepared. There was nothing in the lab that we had not covered in the workbooks. I also listened to their audio lectures while driving to-and-from work. I also read a lot of blogs for more in-depth explanation on various topics written by the instructors on the 591Tech website. All of their materials are very nice, thorough and comes with precise explanation. I was really impressed by the amount of hard work the instructors had put in preparing these products. I'm very thankful for that.
Time: 2018 - 11 - 09
Miroslaw Karczmarz
CCIE Data Center #59900Thank you Brian and 591Tech for all of your materials and help with preparation. I have attended two DC boot camps over last 12 months which made me realize how hard of CCIE LAB would be. I took time ( ran almost 700 lab hours) with 591Tech and home lab and multiple lab attempts before I got my number. I was a long journey for me, but it's worth every minute of it to be able to gain that knowledge and become part of the elite CCIE group. THANK YOU 591Tech!
Time: 2018 - 11 - 09
Cory Beliles
CCIE Data Center #59831I could not have passed without the help of 591Tech. They have the best training materials in the industry by far. The on-demand videos are excellent. The boot camp gave me a much needed opportunity to deep-dive into some of the technologies I was struggling with. Finally, the rack-rentals and workbooks were essential for my practice leading up to the lab. I can't thank them enough for supporting me through my CCIE journey.
Time: 2018 - 11 - 09
Donald Bacha
CCNP Routing & Switching591Tech has helped me tremendously in my career. I was able to pass my CCNA RS and CCNP RS. Now I'm studying for my CCIE DC and use 591Tech materials as my core study resource. I have no doubt I will become a DC Expert using 591Tech materials. Would highly recommend them for Cisco and VMware training.
Time: 2018 - 11 - 09
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