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CCNA is an associate level certification offered by Cisco Systems. CCNA R&S (Routing & Switching) is the foundation course for CCNP R&S, CCIP, and CCNP Security/Voice Certifications as wel...
CCNP R&S Certification is Professional Level Certification in Routing Switching Technologies offered by Cisco. After completion of CCNP Training, a candidate will be able to plan, implement, verif...
MCSA Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) is an associate level Microsoft Certification by 591tech which trains a candidate on fundamental concepts of windows server. This Certification validates...
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Essential Skills
In addition to needing technical skills to succeed as a technologist – you also need a holistic set of non-technical skill that are in demand by employers worldwide. These are fundamental skills tied to your success as a professional, no matter your industry or job role.
How to Gain Experience
Experience is one of the biggest challenges to obtaining a job. Learn methods on how to gain experience and also explain them to employers
Applying and Interviewing
Getting a job requires presenting yourself in a professional manner, access tips and advice on how to amaze employers.
Certification Advice
Information technology is a highly dynamic and ever-changing field.  As the industry evolves, new types or sets of certifications continue to crop up.Because of the sheer number of certifications, certification paths, specializations and providers out there, it is easy for someone new to IT to be confused about where to start.  Even people who are certified might be unsure of the next steps.Let 591Tech walk you through the basics of certification, including how to carve out your own certification path and a few tips on how to ace certification exams.In this easy-to-follow guide, you will get the answers to these often-asked questions:· Why should I get certified?· What are my certification options? What is the difference between them?· Which certification should I start with?· Which exams should I take first among the various certification paths?· How do I prepare for a test?Why should I get certified?There are myriads of reasons why you should seek out certification in a number of IT-related programs, software or skills, but three reasons are key:1. Credibility2. Marketability3. Personal developmentCredibilityIT certifications are testaments to your skills and proficiency in a certain area.  For example, becoming a CCNP certified professional tells hiring managers, companies and clients that you have the experience and skills needed to effectively create, design, manage and maintain a cloud environment.This is the biggest reason why IT professionals pursue IT certifications.  It helps validate your skills and expertise in your current job.MarketabilityThere are certain certifications that are appropriate for wherever you are at in your career.  For example, it may help new graduates land entry-level positions if they pursue basic certifications such as CompTIA A+, Microsoft Certified Professional and Cisco's CCNA.These certifications validate the skills and can help m...
About Us There are countless online education marketplaces on the internet. And there’s us. We are the fastest growing. We have the highest course completion rate in the industry.And the reason is, we don’t give up. When a student commits to a course, we commit to the student. We are not going to sugar coat it - we will make you complete, come what may. You may not have given much thought to what you are signing up for, but we believe you are signing up for knowledge that is useful and complete. And what we do, we do to make that belief a reality. We are ridiculously committed to our students. Be it constant reminders, relentless masters or 24 x 7 online support - we will absolutely make sure that you run out of excuses to not complete the course.Our VisionTo become the largest online learning ecosystem for continuing education, in partnership with corporates and academia in china.Our MissionTo create an alternate platform for students who wish to continue and complete courses by attending live...
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